Women Bangles fashion 2011

Bangles are a type of ornament worn by women. Also called KanganĀ  bangles come in various colors and are symbols of matrimony. A single bangle worn by a man is called a Kada and in Sikhs or Sardars, the father of the bride gives a bangle or kada made from gold to the groom. Kada is a circular shaped bangle having religious significance for Sikhs, and is made from iron, white metal or gold.
In India, bangles are very popular and with growing fashion trends, have become a highly popular in their various designs and forms. No longer are bangles just made in a circular shape with glass. Today, bangles are made from various materials and can be found in many shapes such as round, rectangular, oval etc. Worn in pairs, one on both arms, bangles are colorful, beautiful, and enhance the beauty of women who wear them. Gold, silver, wood, ferrous metals, plastic, rubber, and glass among other things are used extensively to make bangles. However, tradition demands that Hindu women wear gold and glass bangles or only gold or glass bangles.