Winter Holiday Makeup Beauty Tips for women


Winter Holiday Makeup Beauty Tips for womenHolidays bring snow, shopping and festivities. Break out your LBD and get ready to be festive and gorgeous for the holidays.

The foundation for great looking make-up is great skin. Don’t neglect your skin this busy holiday season. The cold air zaps moisture from the air and skin—battle dry skin with a dose extra moisture. Don’t forget eyes and lips, their thin skin holds even less moisture. Use a lip plumper like City Lips to keep lips mistletoe ready.

To ensure your makeup lasts all night, always remember to prep skin with a primer first. It will ensure a flawless and long-lasting makeup application, and will also lock in moisture, which is ideal for cold weather. In addition, using a primer will help the foundation glide on smoothly and blend easily. Prep, prime and plump your lips by using a lip plumper like City Lips. Apply City Lips after primer and allow the treatment to work its magic and make your lips bigger while you get ready for the night.

Holidays also bring extra stress to our lives! Be sure to wash makeup off every night to keep acne away. Treat flare up when they raise their ugly little heads with a spot treatments containing salicylic acid.

City Lips Beauty Tip

Holiday parties are a great time to experiment with a new, vibrant lip color. Nothing is more on trend than red lips and LOTS of shine! Try this easy-to-wear alternative to standard red lipstick:
1. Line and fill in your entire lip area with a deep red lip pencil.
2. Top it off with your favorite City Lips—TINSEL Town adds a kick of shimmer perfect for the holidays, SIN City has a hint of gold, and Clear gives you that deep lacquer shine!
3. Use a lip brush to blend together to blur any visible lines.
VOILA! Lips are bright, shiny and beautiful!