Western Wear Fashion Shoot 2012 by Sanam Chaudhri


Pakistani Fashion designer Sanam Chaudhri is one such tremendous fashion designer, aspiring high on her way to success. Sanam Chaudhri is not only the shining star in Pakistan, but also has proudly represented Pakistan in Far East , Asian countries and Africa.
She makes things fun and flirty with her whimsical fashion aesthetics and mesmerizing blend of cultures of Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Mali with embellishments from Laos, Cambodia, java and Bali.

Sanam Chaudhri’s ‘BITTEN’ HELLO!Pakistan’s top pick collection 2012-2013.  This collection reveals latest western trends of style Dressing, Shoes,Goggles and hair styles in Asian countries like Paksitan.Pakistani most famous & charming model Aamina Sheikh photo shoot with Sanam Choudhri.