Wardrobe ‘must-haves’ that are worth the investment


Wardrobe 'must-haves' that are worth the investmentYou may well have fantasised about how you would spend your winnings if you hit the Lottery jackpot, and it’s probably fair to say that a big percentage of us have dreamt of getting a closet full of designer clothes.

Walk-in wardrobes popular among Lottery winners

Certainly, a survey of the game’s 3,000-odd winners, some of whom would have played the lotto by text, revealed that a walk-in wardrobe was a favourite among millionaires, with 28 per cent getting one installed in their home.

Although the study stopped short of explaining how much they spent on clothes, the assumption is that people who’d invested in a bespoke closet were probably planning on splashing some serious cash on things to put in it.

Quality versus quantity

Much of today’s culture is throwaway, and many people have a ‘use it and lose it’ attitude when it comes to their clothes. If you spend just £10 on a jumper, say, there is a sense that it doesn’t matter if it only lasts you a matter of months.

Although some designer clothes seem initially very expensive, especially in comparison to high street fashion, if you take into account the so-called cost-per-wear value, they can look like more of a long-term investment.

Design classics that stand the test of time

Stylists often talk about design classics, and when it comes to clothes there are some items which are referred to as ‘must-haves’ that any self-respecting fashionista should get their hands on.

The original Burberry trench has been lusted after by legions of women for decades. Not many coats have that classic quality, but this is one that seems to be truly timeless.

On its website, Burberry describes the “heritage details [which] include a gun flap, rain shield and belted cuffs”. Although there are plenty of imitations, it is these small features which separate the real deal from cheap fakes.

As any girl knows, some items of clothes are classics because they can be worn in so many ways and on a myriad of occasions. The Little Black Dress (LBD for short) is one such classic, and it will sit elegantly under a Burberry trench. It’s loved by women the world over for its flattering qualities and versatility.

Because the LBD is something you will wear time and again, it makes sense to invest in a really quality version.

Emilio Pucci’s black dress creates a dramatic silhouette and will ensure you look your best, whether that means on a date, at a bar with friends, or out for dinner with your partner.

Accessorise in style

There’s no point in having a beautiful dress and coat if you’re going to ruin it with some cheap shoes and bags. Accessories really can make or break an outfit, so it really pays to look after the details to give you an edge.

Investing in some quality shoes is the first step to achieving that really pulled-together look.  A pair of Christian Louboutin heels, with their signature red soles, will really set you apart from the crowd. The classic Pigalle shoe in black patent leather is a no-brainer when it comes to looking sexy yet classy at the same time.

Finish the look off with a designer bag from Mulberry. The design house describes its Bayswater creation as “timeless and classic” which features “the very best of understated and exquisite leather craft”. What more could a girl want?