Veena Malik in a British film


Veena Malik in a British filmStruggling to get a foothold in Bollywood, Pakistan’s controversial drama-queen now sets her eyes on international cinema

We know the lengths to which Veena Malik can go to stay in the limelight and now the Pakistani bombshell is sprinting the distance to achieve it…literally! Veena is currently going ga-ga over her popularity in the world of international cinema and tom-tomming about a British film that she has signed. The 27-year-old actor also proclaims that she has bagged a powerful role in the film. We wonder how much truth there is to Veena’s big talk. After the saga of her bare-dare photo shoot with a popular men’s magazine and the controversy that followed, Veena reportedly went into hiding, not to save her innocent soul from Pakistani fanatics, but reportedly to create a bigger buzz about herself and to boost her sensational CV. This now-gone-missing-now-found act was followed by her much talked about reality show Veena Ka Vivaah, which will kick off in June this year.

Veena also did a raunchy item number in the recent release Gali Gali Mein Chor Hain. And with all this tamasha on her personal history-sheet, controversy’s favourite child is now doing a British film, or so the actor claims. “I am getting many offers from across the globe. Recently, a UK film team was in Dubai and I was shortlisting a few offers that would suit me. I have zeroed in on a few fashion projects and a film. I can’t reveal more at the moment,” she has said in an interview to a daily. Though she is tight-lipped about her British project we fear that Veena could have rather over-estimated her own abilities and could find herself in one more tight spot in yet another bold stunt-gone-wrong. And then will she go into hiding once again and reappear claiming ill health? We can only wait and wonder…