Treating Winter Dry Lips Beauty Tips


Treating Winter Dry Lips Beauty TipsWhen your skin loses its moisture retention capacity you can end up with severe and chronic dry lips. Chronic chapped lips can be the result of being too dry. Over exposure to the elements, wind and sun or cold weather can cause your lips to become chapped.

Dehydration and nutritional deficiencies may also present these symptoms. When your lips become chapped, this will further reduce the water retention capacity of your skin. This can be a vicious circle which will result in the condition becoming more severe. Avoidance of licking the lips and application of lip cream for protection shoud be continuous.

Licking your lips will make the problem worse as saliva evaporates rapidly and tends to digest the protecting slim membrane of your lips. This will only cause your lips to be drier.

Use a lip cream or ointment that contains sunscreen to protect your lips from the suns detrimental rays. If your dry lips do not show an improvement and the condition worsens, medical care should be sought. Your doctor may choose to give you a prescription of antibiotics for dermatitis. This condition can stem from allergies or a topical irritation and may require medical intervention. If you are currently on any medication, it may be the source of your irritation.

Drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration will help resolve your dry lips problem. Cracks at the corners of your mouth may indicate that you have a riboflavin deficiency. This can be treated with vitamin B-2 supplements. You can also use lip cream mixed with vitamin E oil or aloe vera gel. Applying lip balm or petroleum jelly may also help by keeping your lips well moisturized. By placing a humidifier in your home you will help to moisturize the air and this will have a good effect on your skin,lips and nails. A mixture of ointment with over the counter cortizone can be applied if symptoms persist. The condition should improve within two weeks with continuous use.