Top Step 7 Makeup Tips for Women with Glasses


Top Step 7 Makeup Tips for Women with GlassesGlasses are a great accessory to highlight your personal style, but sometimes it can be tricky to know how to apply make-up to stand out underneath them. Especially as holiday season approaches, how can women ensure that their eyes don’t get lost behind their fashionable specs?

This a hot topic. VSP Vision Care, the nation’s largest not-for-profit vision care company, even teamed up with beauty and fashion blogger Tammy Gibson of A Mom in Red High Heels to put together a list of tips and tricks for creating the perfect makeup and beauty looks when wearing glasses. We asked Gibson for specialized makeup tips for women with glasses and she was happy to share the following:

Tip 1: Under eyeglasses, less makeup is more. Don’t pile on the makeup, keep your look subtle and simple. The key is to blend, blend, blend! If you want more color on your face, opt for a bold lip color!

Tip 2: To prevent your mascara from brushing up against your lashes, curl your lashes to open up your eyes and bring the natural lash up and away from the lens. Also, avoid lengthening mascara! Instead, opt for volumizing formulas. Apply a single coat to the top lash line only. Beware of clumps and smudges as these will show more readily under glasses.

Tip 3: When you wear glasses, your beautiful eyes can get lost behind the lenses so defining them is essential! Eyeliner to the rescue! Eyeliner should be applied according to the type of glasses and its magnification effects. Your liner color should complement the rest of your eye makeup as well as your frames. Neutral is always a great choice!

Tip 4: If your frames are thicker, you’ll want to apply a thicker line of eyeliner in a color darker than your natural eye color. Line along the lash line all the way around your eyes so that your eyes really pop. If your frames are thinner, a delicate line works best. Always blend your liner. White liner along the inner lash line helps eyes to look open and bright.

Tip 5: For the best look, coordinate the color of your eye makeup with your frames. If your frames are dark, colored or thick, wear neutral eye shadow. Layer complimentary neutral eye shadow shades, like gold or peach, to help define your eyes without a heavy look. Add an illuminating light shade to the very inner corner of the eye to make them pop a little more and look brighter under the frames. Avoid frosted eye shadows as they will compete with your frames and highlight skin imperfections.

Tip 6: If your frames are thin or neutral, you have more freedom to play with eye makeup colors! If you wear polarized lenses or shaded lenses that tend to tone down colors, use your eye makeup more boldly. Consider cream shadow instead of powder-based eye shadow to reduce the amount of powder specs left around the eye area that lenses will amplify.

Tip 7: The smaller the frame, the more makeup you can get away with wearing. When you wear colored or thick frames, you need to keep your makeup colors neutral otherwise your makeup and frames are competing for attention. There is a reason you selected your bold frames, let them take center stage!