Top Designers in Their Own Best Outfit 2012


In Pakistan, fashion industry is growing very fast. The most interesting thing is ever increasing interest of women in this field of work. Today we are giving you a glimpse of very interesting photo shoot in which top Pakistani female fashion designers are made to wear their very own outfit. In this photo shoot they are not only made to showcase their best outfit 2012 but to also explain their fashion statement & style. The female designers included in this bouquet of fashion 2012 are Saira Rizwan, Teena by Hina butt, Madiha Ibrar, Sehar Anis & none other then Nosheen Amir of ENNZ Jewellery. All of them look quite interesting in their best outfit of 2012.

The Personal style of Fashion designer Madiha Ibrar is “Intricate and beautifully embellished clothes”, Sehar Anis “Classic, funky and chic”, Teena by Hina butt “passionate, stylish and bold”, Saira Rizwan ” trendy, elegant & shophisticated” and Nosheen amir of Ennz jewellery “grand, exotic and intricate”. Now lets have a look at their photos and thoughts about their personal style