Top 5 Vitamin B12 Benefits


Top 5 Vitamin B12 BenefitsWe all know that there manifold vitamin b12 benefits. However, we don’t exactly know what they are. Do you? All we know is that vitamin b12 is a water based vitamin solution that is meant to keep the blood cells and nerves healthy. Yes, that is one big function of it but that’s not all. Vitamin b12 is an essential component that keeps several functions within your body smooth and clear.

Now, people who suffer from vitamin b12 deficiency are usually recommended to take additional dosages of it through supplementations. People who suffer from this deficiency can tire easily, feel fatigue and even have severe headaches due to weakness and tiredness. If you fall in the following categories then you must take vitamin b12 supplements:

–          Heavy smokers

–          Heavy drinkers

–          Women who are breast feeding

–          Vegetarians

–          People who are involved in hardcore physical activities such as athletes and fitness trainers

Vitamin b12 is found naturally in several food resources. However, the major problem faced by these people or others is that their digestive systems are unable to absorb vitamin b12. Remember, it is important to monitor our vitamin b12 intake especially if you belong to the aforementioned categories. Vitamin b12 deficiency can lead to several other diseases and conditions such as fatigue, anemia, constipation, loss of appetite, weight loss, poor memory and the like.

Vitamin B12 Benefits…

Why do you need to monitor your vitamin b12 intake? If you have that question in mind then here are the 5 major benefits everyone can reap of vitamin b12:

–          First off, vitamin b12 is essential to break down carbohydrates into glucose within the body. By doing this, vitamin b12 helps your body in creating energy resources for itself. This way, you don’t experience fatigue or tiredness easily.

–          Vitamin b12 is important to keep the regulation of your nervous system healthy. If your nervous system is healthy you won’t feel depression, stress and you won’t suffer from brain shrinkage.

–          Vitamin b12 is highly beneficial for the digestive system. This vitamin can keep your digestive system healthy. If the digestive system is healthy, your cholesterol levels will be maintained as well provided you are eating proper meals. It can be easily said that if you have enough vitamin b12 in your body, you will never suffer from any heart diseases.

–          Vitamin b12 is also very important to keep your skin, nails and hair healthy and beautiful. Basically, this vitamin helps in producing new cells within the body. This way, of course, your nails, hair and skin get better stuff to work with.

–          This vitamin can help your body fight against several major diseases such as breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.

By eating foods like milk, cheese, meat, fish and liver you can maintain the vitamin b12 levels within your body and you won’t even need any supplements. However, in case you cannot have these foods, you can opt for the safer supplements.