Top 10 Simple Tips for Clear Skin 2012

Top 10 Simple Tips for Clear Skin 2012Hey everyone here’re some simple tips so you can get clear skin.
Tip No 1:  if you have any freckles or any pimples or anything which bothers you on your skin then take a lemon squeeze it on your finger and dab it on a little and if you have dark skin then try applying milk or yogurt on your  entire face.
Tip No 2:  In order to prevent black heads and dry skin all you have to do is drink a lot of water. 2 to 4 liters every day it sounds a lot but once you will get use to it many of the skin problem will b vanished
Tip No 3:  it’s really important to use filtered water.
Tip No 4:  Use a lotion mask every night. It prevent dryness and pimplesTip No 5: Emergency pimple treatment, what I use for is skin cleaner I just dip cotton little tiny Minnie piece of cotton with the skin cleaner milk lotion what I use and dab it on the pimple for hour or so and before going to bed at night I apply vitamin E oil .
Tip No 6:  To prevent pimples add some sugar cane in to your cleanser, because it contains glycolic acid and that prevents pimple growth.
Tip No 7:   Use Baking soda for teeth whitening its 2 bucks for a big bag. I use to put some baking soda on my tooth brush and brush away.
Tip No 8: If you want really quickly full glowing skin just take 2 drops of coconut or olive oil on your figure tips and then just put it on the chick bones on the high lights and under your eye brow bone, do not put it on the nose upper lips.
Tip No 9: Sleep on a silk pillow case, these cases will make a huge difference to your skin your skin will not get dry or ruffled up.

Tip No 10: Take a vitamin C on daily basis. It is best for skin keeps skin nice fresh and smooth