From The Event To The Mehendi Dress – All About The Ceremony


Weddings call for a lot of preparations. Where there is stress and anxiety about leaving the loved ones behind for the bride, there is also the worry of looking the best on all weddings events as well. Everybody attending the wedding has eyes for the bride and it calls for her to be dressed, dolled up and look absolutely stunning.

There are a lot of trends and designs being followed these days for the bridal couture. Here we are going to focus specially on the event of mehendi and the mehndi dress for the bride.

What is the mehendi ceremony?

Mehendi Ceremony

Mehendi ceremony is a special event, held before the main event of the wedding. It is called mehendi because on this day the bride applies henna on her hands in the Pakistani and Indian cultures both. There are traditions and customs different for all types of cultures and communities but most of them require the bride to be dressed in yellow, all dolled up with marigolds while the family members and the elders carry out rituals of applying mehendi on the hands of the bride. There are a lot of other customs which are followed on this very day but the above mentioned ones are the main key events.

Singing and dancing on the beat of the dholak (drums) has become a common tradition for the mehendi ceremony. Girls sit down to sing on the dholak and clap their hands to the beat of the drum while singing wedding songs.

What to wear on mehendi?

Bridal of Mehndi function

Most brides want to keep it very simple on the mehendi ceremony. However, they want elegance too. In older times, yellow, green and orange were considered as the colors for mehendi dresses only, but girls today have become quite experimental. Today we find colors like pink, blues, and purples along with the varying shades of yellows, greens and oranges for the mehendi ceremony as well.

Pakistani Bridal Mehndi Designs 2014

The bride has an option to choose from amongst lehengas, churidars, ghararas, shararas, long shirts, a-line frocks as her mehendi dress. The fabric mostly preferred for mehendi outfits by designers as well as people usually is banarsi. Organza and chiffons might also be chosen depending on the weather and the season the wedding is to be held in. usually brides opt for zari work, gootta or embroidery on her dress for the mehendi ceremony. The key here is to look simple yet elegant without being overdone. The makeup for mehendi ceremony is soft; usually in shades of pink and peaches only. Usually brides opt for blushers and lip-gloss only makeup for their mehendi ceremony.

Bangles and fresh flower jewelry usually made from marigolds and jasmine is a must for all mehendi brides. The ensemble is always complimented with khusas or flats as most brides don’t opt for heels on this ceremony. The khusas or multani flats complete the traditional look most brides want to opt for on their mehendi ceremony.

Designers have taken to designing special customized jewelry for the brides today to compliment the mehendi dress entirely. You can now find or order jewelry made from gootta, flowers or that with zari work in the market too.