The cost of chronic pain


chronic painAccording to health economists, the cost of chronic pain in the United States alone can be as high as $635 billion a year, roughly half of it is made up of health care costs and another half the value of lost productivity. And it’s worthwhile to note that these numbers do not count the costs neither for institutionalized nor non-civilian populations; neither people under the age of 18 nor caregivers. Thus the actual numbers can be a lot higher.

In the United States alone there are 100 million people living with chronic pain, people who are either partially or totally disabled by pain. Roughly 20% of the world population suffer from pain, with around 1 in 10 adults diagnosed each year with it (so around 60-70 million people).

The overall cost due to health care and loss of productivity is huge. Even though chronic pain is often the result or side-effect of diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke, cancer, for many patients the pain can become a disease of its own right.

One treatment option that has shown good results is SCS and especially the Precision Spectra™ SCS System that has shown good results in case of people with failed back surgeries, but also in case of chronic intractable pain of trunk and/or limbs. When asked what it is exactly, you can learn more about it at, but generally speaking, it’s a kind of spinal cord stimulator that masks the pain that reaches your brain with another sensation.

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