Teenage Vehicle Insurance Keep The Premium Low


If you have a plan to insure your teenager who drive your vehicle, just get prepared to pay the expensive premium. All insurance companies knows really-really well that in fact, young people have a bigger risk in driving accident rather than their olders.

There are a lot of variance in the insurance rate for young people. There are a lot of things that influance the rate like the gender, while males is having a higher rate and vice versa. The probability of someone between 16 and 19 years old having an accident is 400% higher than who is over 19. Well, because of those reason almost all vehicle insurance company is charging more rate for the policy.

Teenager’s vehicle insurance is surely expensive, but sometimes if your child has good mark in their education, you will get a discount. Usually a teenage who got a B average or even higher will got a discount for about 25% for their policy rate. Don’t forget to make sure that your child has completed a safety driving course and has earned a good driving ability. Sometimes with having a certification from safety driving course will get you up to 10% discount.

The most important factor in lowering your child’s premium and even goes for you also is, always keep your driving records clean. Traffic violation and tickets can boost your premium. As what i said before, gender makes a difference, while females will have less increase in the insurance rate per violation than males.

Well it seems so unfair but that is nothing personal, those vehicle insurance companies only see everything to the statistics they got. So, to keep your child’s premium low, always remember to make sure they keep out of traffic and law violation, they’ve finished a driving course, and always keep their grades high.