‘Teen Mom 2′ Recap: Leah Messer Breaks Down In Tears After Scary Medical News About Baby Ali


It was double the drama this week! An emotional Leah worries her daughter could have a life-threatening disorder, Jenelle and Kieffer after a frightening screaming match, Kailyn wrecks her car and faces HUGE money issues and Chelsea’s BFF reveals she’s pregnant!

Teen Mom 2‘s episode this week was double the length, and packed full of tears, fights, makeups and breakups! Chelsea Houska’s ready to move to a new apartment, but Adam won’t lift a lazy finger to help her. Leah Messer gets shocking medical news — Ali might have a life-threatening disorder, but there’s still some hope that she’s OK. Jenelle Evans’ court problems are nothing compared to her over-the-top breakup with Kieffer Delp. And a completely broke Kailyn Lowry is forced to file for child support, but she doesn’t tell Jo!

Leah Messer: Ali’s first physical therapy and geneticist appointment are here, but Leah’s not as nervous because Corey can go this time. The physical therapist arrives and says that she thinks Ali will walk someday, but she wants to try leg splints. They meet with the geneticist, but the doctor thinks Ali might have a disorder. They’ll have to wait four weeks for blood test results. They Google the disorder and are shocked to find out it’s life-threatening. Terrified, she breaks down in tears.

The couple wait and wait for results. But there’s some hope: She’s able to stand by herself! Leah gets a call and the test results are good — there’s no answer yet, but at least she doesn’t have a terrible disorder!

Chelsea Houska: She has to move out of her place, but she tells her dad Adam isn’t moving in. Good choice, Chels. Also, she wants to dye her hair blonde — so many changes! Her BFF Megan comes over with big news: She’s pregnant. Chelsea grills her and asks if she’s really ready for the responsibility. “Oh Megan, what have you gotten yourself into?” Seriously. Chelsea tells Adam the news, and he says Megan’s boyfriend will leave her. Always charming, Adam.

Chelsea’s dad says he’ll help with rent, but sets the max price at $700 and the rule that Adam can’t live there. They find a place and sign the lease, and Chelsea promises she’ll help with rent. Moving day comes, but Adam won’t help her move in. Ugh, he never fails to disappoint.

Kailyn Lowry: Isaac’s first birthday is here. One problem: Jo gets custody on weekends. But he says Kailyn can have Isaac for an afternoon party. Guess he doesn’t get an invite? Jordan gets to go, and he shows up with gifts. Kailyn gets emotional that her baby is growing up. “We like it when you cry,” friends and family say. That’s weird. Kailyn has an emotional talk with Janet when she drops off Isaac after the party. Looks like the past isn’t totally behind them.

Kailyn gets in a car accident. Nobody’s hurt, but the car’s totaled and needs to be scrapped. Broke and without a car, she breaks down in tears. Luckily her friend’s dad owns a used car lot. He gives her a good price and lets her make payments. Money is super tight, so she’s asking Jo for child support. She calls and leaves a message about it — you can’t talk to him in person?

Jenelle Evans: Kieffer (or Kee-fah as Barbara would say) is out of jail. Jenelle tells her mom she’s going to meet him. Of course that doesn’t go over well, but they don’t end up screaming, so… progress. The post-jail meet-up happens at a kid-friendly arcade center. Planet Fun must be romantic because they make up. “We’re not gonna fight no more,” Kieffer promises. Jenelle meets with her lawyer before their court date. He reminds her that charges can hurt financial aid and job applications, and there will be a drug test. She admits she smoked pot recently and asks how long she can’t do drugs. If you have to ask, you shouldn’t be doing them. They go to court, but it’s cancelled that day. “We’re so lucky dude,” Jenelle says. Um, you still have to go eventually.

Trouble in paradise though: Kieffer found out Jenelle was talking to an ex while he was in jail. They fight, and he won’t answer her calls or texts. Nervous and unable to smoke weed to relax (her words), she breaks down in tears. Barbara needs her to watch Jace, but she’s too busy crying and begging Kieffer to call her. Finally, they speak. He says he’s done and leaves. She runs after him, screaming. Too late, they’re over.