Tattoo To Avoid Skin Cancer


Tattoo To Avoid Skin CancerTattooing is one of the most popular trends in today’s time and especially in young people. But, do you that it can increase the risk of diseases like skin cancer?

Experts says that, the ink that get used for making a tattoo contains some toxic elements in it that can lead to skin cancer, especially the blue ink which is also the favourite option of tattoo artists that includes aluminium and cobalt.

The red ink contains mercurial sulphide in it; where as other coloured ink may contains cadmium, lead, nickel, titanium, chromium and many other heavy metals.

It has also been observed that the equipments or the tools used for body piercing or tattooing, is contaminated with the infected blood can increase the risk of transmission of the blood viruses like Hepatitis B, C, HIV and many other skin related problems.


It is not necessary that everyone who gets tattoo gets a skin cancer, but it surely increases the risk of skin disorder due to the elements that exists in the tattoo ink. However, many of the people does not take this issue much seriously and opt for the permanent tattoos that requires deep penetration in the skin that also damages some part of muscles.

Many of the experts also suggest that one should not get a tattoo near mole. The changes occurring around or in the mole can be a sign of serious skin diseases and a tattoo on it or around it hides the changes.

However, if you want to get a tattoo then it is very important that you should get it from a hygienic place and a reputed artist with a sterilised needle. Dermatologists also suggest that one should avoid getting a tattoo on upper shoulders and between the mid ribs.

Allergic reaction is one of the other most common skin related problem that may arise due to tattoo inks. However, it can be very much get cured with antibiotics.

Many experts also say that hypo-pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation are two other skin related problem that may cause due to tattoo or the place of a tattoo.

However, in the contrary many of the tattooists claim that the tattoos do not cause any of such skin problem or diseases such as skin cancer.
It is recommended that one should always get a tattoo only from a professional artist, as they uses organic inks, which is best ink that get imported from countries like Britain, Australia and US. A tattoo expert, Anu Singh says that some of the Chinese inks that are also available at cheaper or affordable cost are sometime harmful for tattooing.

It is very important that one should also follow all the aftercare procedures suggested by a professional artist after getting a tattoo to avoid any kind of skin inflammation.