Tahiri potato Rice Recipe 2012


Tahiri potato Rice Recipe 2012Tahiri (potato rice)

rice 2c(soaked in water)
Onion 2m(chopped)
tomatoes 2m(cubes)
potatoes 2m (cubes)
cumin 1/2 t.sp
red chilli powder 2 t.sp
salt 1t.sp or to taste
turmenic 1t.sp
oil 1/2 c
all spices (whole) 1.2 t.sp
star anise 1 (optional)
green chillies 2-3

saute onion in a deep pan.add cumin till golden brown.

now add all spices with tomatoes with water n make a paste.
now add potatoes & tender them n fry the gravy.
now add the rice & water with green chillies.
when water get dry put the lid on, on very low flame.
for atleast 5-10 min

garnish it with curry leaves, green chillies, dry mint leaves.
serve with yogurt, cucumber slices , achar & kachumber salad.