Sushmita Sen has marriage plans!


Sushmita Sen has marriage plans!The former Miss Universe has finally found her Mr Right, and says that she will get married soon. Really?

The last heard dope on Sushmita Sen’s love life, something that is at least six or more months old, said that the leggy beauty was dating a 22-year-old called Imtiaz Khatri.But the goss soon fizzled out and the spotlight shifted from Sush’s ever changing lovers to her fashion faux pas, which have been numerous in recent days.

But today we hear that Sush is thinking about marriage, which had us open-mouthed! “I will get married soon. It is in the pipeline. I believe in the institution,” she said in an interview. Whoa! Now that’s some real news, considering this time the Bong beauty is keeping the name of her loverboy hush-hush.

What’s more, while Sushmita has agreed that marriage is indeed on her to-do list now, she also states that the knotty moment will have to wait for a while. “I’ll do a film soon. An announcement about my next film will be made between October and December. There are also talks of a signature Sushmita Sen show on television and a fashion week for my beauty pageant I Am She. Once I have achieved these, I’ll get married,” she said, revealing her priorities. But that’s a really long list, isn’t it? And given that all Sushmita’s previous …er…. affairs were usually short lived, we assume that this time the case is actually pretty serious, ‘coz the Bong babe is sounding confident about completing her work and then getting hitched!

While Ms Sen keeps herself busy and tries to empty her plate for her big, fat wedding, we will keep an eye open for the mysterious Mr Right. And you do the same, BollywoodLifers!