Survivor India review It gives you an adrenaline rush


Survivor India review It gives you an adrenaline rushSameer Kochhar is an articulate host and even the contestants look fit enough to handle challenges. We think the one with the best social skills, fitness levels and mental strength will emerge winner on this show

British television producer Charlie Parsons created the Survivor series in the 90s and as the show gained immense popularity in America, the concept gradually got adapted by several countries. It has turned out to be quite a hit with the audiences. Cashing in on the worldwide success of the show, India is the latest to have bought the rights to this format. Giving a very desi feel to it, Survivor India aired its first episode on Star Plus recently. As the show is very strategically woven around the concept of ‘the common man vs rich celebrities’, the two are pitted against each other with the aam aadmi harbouring a grudge against the rich man and envying him for the comfortable life they lead (now that looked a li’l forced). The first episode began on an interesting note with the celebs having to toil hard to reach their destination while the ordinary working class group is being dropped off by a cool looking chopper. And the one person to get affected by this TRP raising discrimination was Payal Rohatgi who expressed her vexation by a series of giggles teamed with a surprised look.

As the show moved forward, the chaos and commotion reached an all time high with each team member wanting to spearhead and showcase their leadership skills. The set up reminds you of the primitive era, with contestants trying to live in harsh conditions and earning their bread and butter by slugging it out. Keeping in mind the tribal-ish theme of the show, the groups are named as Catan (celebs) and Tayak (non-celebs). It is definitely not a cakewalk though it might look like it is and the participants realised that soon enough. Right from trying to set up a house with the help of bamboo shoots and plastic sheets to trying to light a fire, the struggle was conspicuous right since day one. Whoever came with the idea that it’s going to be an adventure trip with a couple of simple tasks to perform was proved wrong. The show is definitely not for the frail hearted and the frail minded. The first task was won by the celebs and they ended up winning a set of matchsticks, uncooked rice, and groundnuts which was nothing less than a huge bounty for them. They savoured the bland rice as if they haven’t eaten in years and one could really empathize with the feeling they were going through for the sole reason that it all looked and felt real.

Why watch it?

It’s more than adventure and a couple of daring escapades. Debunking the notion that life on a beach is a bed of roses, the show gives a panoramic view of the struggle one has to go through if they are disconnected from the material world. “My toilet is one thing I am going to miss the most,” said one contestant as he looked around the isolated Caramoan isaland located in Philippines. Some things do look cooked up, but which reality show doesn’t? The fact remains that most of it is real and the mere evidence being the fatigued look and the craving for basic food that can’t be hidden on the faces of the contestants. Watch the show if the beach and the idea of adventure and struggle in sustaining for 45 days, excites you.

Interesting people on the show

Payal Rohatgi (actor)– Somewhat of a bimbette, she does whatever people ask her to do. We think she will be a fun watch.

Timmy Narang (entrepreneur) – Isha Koppikar’s husband is the only one who isn’t directly related to the industry. He comes across as a very real person and is the only guy in the team who has a great bod which makes him a perfect fit for the show. He looks like a potential winner as of now.

Rishi Raj (fashion stylist)– He has come to prove that even gay men can be masculine. He is polished, well behaved and has a soft-spoken bonhomie.

Gisele (model) – She is an absolute drama queen. She has been quite a shirker till now and doesn’t look like the kinds who can live without her make-up set and glamorous clothes.

List of contestants :

Catan : Payal Rohatgi, Shilpa Saklani, Abhinav Shukla, Priyanka Bassi, Rohit Narang (Timmy), Munisha Khatwani, Jamnadas Majethia, Karan Patel, Sylvester Rodgers (eliminated), Rajesh Khera, Sangram Singh

Tayak : Sanober Pardiwala (eliminated), Shivam Singh, Rishi Raj, Raj Rani, Evelyn Sayal, StithPragya Mohan, Sai Gundewar, Michael Durairaj, Preeti, Giselle, Harrison James