Stylish Party Wear Dresses By Zara Shahjahan 2012


Zara Shahjahan has made her name in the market slowly yet surely.She has developed a niche clientele that understands and has the ability to appreciate design and pattern making with her background in miniature painting.She is Pakistan’s first designer who has the expertise to make her own motifs.ara started her studio at home in 2004 with one tailor.She designed morning and evening wear for herself,and for family and friends.Slowly her sense of fashion drew attention and Zara started getting clients who understood her cultured taste.The word caught on and today Zara Shahjahan has attained rank for being an artist of her own genre.

Recently she has showcased very modern dress collection 2012 for parties and events see the new and latest modern party wear dress collection by Zara shahjahan.