Stunning Mehndi Designs for Brides-to-Be


Stunning Mehndi Designs for Brides-to-Be

Stunning Mehndi Designs for Brides

The use of mehndi on festive occasions is considered good luck in some parts of the world. In the current era, mehndi has evolved from something used only on celebratory occasions to a chic temporary tattoo. However, it still has immense significance for brides and some people still look at the color of the mehndi to predict if the bride’s marriage will be a happy one or the other way around. If you are about to get married and are in search of some amazing mehndi design inspirations, look no further! Here are some of the best bridal mehndi designs around.

mehndi designs 2014

This is a great example of an Arabic mehndi design. The usage of floral patterns and curved lines has given this design an extremely elegant and grand look, which is befitting for the hands of a bride.

Red and black Mehndi-desgin

Red and black is an all-time favorite, so there is no doubt that a mehndi design with both these colors as well as some kundan stones looks so gorgeous. The design is definitely something that suits a bride’s hands. The pattern is relatively simple on one hand, while the other features an ivy floral pattern. The design has been made very delicately and looks fabulous from all angles.

Mehndi-Designs- 2014

This mehndi design has everything that a bridal mehndi design should have. It has a clarity, it has intricate patterns, it has floral motifs, and it has the classic betel leaf designs. Indeed, it is one of the best mehndi designs for a bride.

Full Hands-Mehndi

If you want an uncomplicated design for your wedding, this is the one to go for. Although it is simple, it is still beautiful and gorgeous. It uses a connected pattern and doesn’t leave any space empty.

Mehndi-Designs- for -Brides

This is yet another intricate mehndi design fit for a bride. The most beautiful part of this design is the pattern on the palm, where a little space on the corner of the palm is left blank. It is truly a surprise how such a little space can tremendously add to the beauty of the whole design of the mehndi. A space is left again over the top of the design, which creates the illusion that the bride is wearing a bangle. This pattern of leaving some space and keeping the design unconnected in some parts is, indeed, remarkable for its simple ability to increase the attractiveness of the design tenfold.

Mehndi-Designs- 2014

This is a unique bridal mehndi design. Its uniqueness lie in the way the floral motifs are drawn. As you can see on the right hand, the floral motifs are incorporated in a very unique and different way, which has earned the design a place amongst the best and most stunning mehndi designs for a bride. Another unique point of the design is the small jali pattern that adorns the hand along with the floral motifs.


It is a must for brides to have their feet adorned with mehndi too! And it must look as fabulous as the design on the hand. This bridal mehndi design for the feet is elegant yet simple. Although it is not too design-heavy, its simplicity with its diamond-shaped motifs and subtle jali work along with kundan stones make it look absolutely astounding.

Stunning Mehndi Designs for Brides-to-Be