Stunning Ebony & Ivory Collection 2013 by Umar Sayeed


If you are a women of good taste than you must mesmerized y seeing the very latest and new Umer sayeed dress collection for brides and semi formal use.When we all intend to buy designers clothes we expect some more and when we go for a very well known fashion designers clothing than we expect many more all things have to be very good in quality,colours and each and every thing as designers and very good designers have a Name of fame.Umer sayeed is one of the best fashion designer who really bring some exclusive and outstanding for a women of All around the world.Recently few days back Umer sayeed ha s come up with his very new and classical vintage and wonderful dress collection 2013 which is absolouteluy suitable for brides and western brides as well Umer sayeed has named his new collection Ebony & Ivory.Ebony and ivory is the name of metals Ebony we call dark black wood and ivory we call elephant teeth so the collection is off white and black colour that’s why Umer sayeed has named it Ebony and ivory .The thread and motifs work on dresses is looking just perfect and have no comparison.In Umer sayeed new and classical collection you can see the pretty model Iman Ali who really knows how to carry an outstanding attire.
The fashion heavy-weight, Umar Sayeed has been on the Pakistan fashion radar for the last 20 years and has managed to enrich the fashion scene through years of extraordinary passion for style. The House of Umar Sayeed is a name with nationwide recognition and is synonymous with ultra-chic and understated glamour.The House of Umar Sayeed is a name with Worldwide recognition and is synonymous with ultra-chic and understated glamour.
Stay here with us and have a look to the most stunning and new collection by Umer sayeed…