Stunning Collection Of Jewelry 2014


Stunning Collection Of Jewelry 2014 for Girls

As well as dresses, girls also pay attention on jewelry and want to wear stylish and beautiful jewelry with matching their dresses. Girls are very fond of stylish and stunning jewelry for every event.

Elegant Bracelets 2014

A bracelet is a circle of material, such as a band or chain that is deliberate to be worn around the wrist or forearm, without being emotionally involved in clothing. Sometimes, it is a combination of joined or interlocking loops. Recurrently, it is made in a decorative style, and is warn as jewelry

Bracelets for girls 2014

Elegant Bracelets 2014 for Girls

It may have a helpful function, such as holding a wristwatch or other items of jewelry such as religious secret code or charms. Identity and medical information are marked on some bracelets, such as allergy bracelets and bracelet tags for newborn babies. If a bracelet is a single, hard loop, it is often called a bangle. When it is worn around the ankle it is called an Ankle bracelet and a Boot Bracelet is used to decorate boots. Sometimes handcuffs are called bracelets. Bracelets can be pretend from metal, cloth, and leather, plastic or other materials and sometimes contain jewels, rocks, shells, crystals, stones, metal or plastic hoops, pearls and many more materials.

Elegant bracelets 2014 for girls

Women Elegant Earrings 2014

Elegant Earrings 2014

An Earring, a personal embellishment worn pendent from the ear, usually floating by means of a ring or hook passing through a pierced hole in the lobe of the ear and in modern times, often by way of a screwed clip on the lobe. The desire to decorate or to modify the exterior of the ear seems to be almost universal. In common, usage appears to label for wearing earrings in pairs, the two jumbles in all respects similar to each other; but a single earring has sometimes been worn out. (The single earring was very popular in European areas during the Baroque and Renaissance period.)

elegant earrings 2014 for girlsElegant Necklaces for Different Style

A Necklace is a piece of jewelry which is worn around the neck. Necklaces are commonly formed from a metal jewelry chain. Others are natural fiber or manufactured from cloth using cord or twine.

Choosing Elegant Necklaces for Different Necklines

Common features of necklaces include vibrant stones (particularly jewels or gemstones), wood (usually polished or carved), art glass, shells, feathers, beads or corals- a wide, wide diversity of other adornments have also been used. If a necklace includes a major hanging feature, it is called a pendant; if the pendant is itself a small bud vase that is called a locket.

      Girls want to wear jewelry according to every occasion. Very soon Eid-UL-Azha will become and for this occasion we have a wide range of jewelry here. Let’s have a look of this jewelry collection for girls and women. I am sure that you will love all these designs of bracelets, necklaces and earrings

Necklace for girls 2014

Jewelry is small decorative items ware for personal beautification, such as rings, brooches, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Jewelry may be attached to the clothes or the body, and the term is classified to durable junk, excluding flowers for example. For many centuries metals, often shared with gemstones the normal material for jewelry, but other materials such as plant materials and may be used. It is one of the oldest types of archaeological object. In European cultures the most famous forms of jewelry listed above have persisted since primeval times, while other forms such as beautification for the nose or ankle, important in other cultures, and are much less common. Historically, the most widespread pressure on jewelry in terms of design and style has come from Asia.