Student Auto Insurance


There are many companies that are auto insurance discounters, that offer discounts to students and other ‘groups’. Listed below are the top ways to get an auto insurance discount

Student Discount

To take advantage of these discounts, you usually must maintain a certain GPA. You also need to present the company with a copy of your transcripts or dipolma as some companies even offer discounts for alumni. As well get more tips to lower your Teen Car Insurance

Multiple Policy Discount

If you insure more then one car with the same company, that company will usually gives you a cheaper rate on both policies. Also if you have house and auto insurance, both from the same company they will give you a great discount. So if you have multiple policies, look into buying them from the same company to get some great savings!

Occupational Discounts

Some companies have been known to offer discounts based on your occupation. This will be highly variable by your location and your insurance company, but the companies in my location seem to offer a auto insurance discount for health care professionals. It is worth checking with the companies to see if your occupation offers you some savings.

State Farm

State Farm auto insurance offers many discounts such as driver’s training discounts, multiple line, multiple automobile, good student auto insurance discount and a new business discounts. Not all of these discounts are available in every state or province.
Progressive Auto Insurance

Progressive gives many discounts such as a online sign-up reduction, a 10% discount when you pay for you policy in full, multi-car discounts, a discount for owning a home, condo or mobile home, as well as good student discounts.