Straighten your hair With Milk Easily And Quickly


Straighten your hair With Milk Easily

All of us want to get shiny, smooth and straight hair. I am sure this permanent hair straightening gives you the probable results for 1 year. But, after 1 year, you will end up with even more awful conditioned hair with the split as well as hardened ends. This milk method for hair just not straighten your hair, even makes them healthy and shiny. Hope you like it.

  • 1/3rd cup of full cream milk
  • a spray bottle a comb.

Procedure to straighten your hair sprays the milk over the hair from scalp to tip comp your hair with wide tooth comb while we to untangle your hair do not let your hair curl up as trapping milk it will solidify and will provide pain in removing later keep massaging the scalp. Soak your hair the milk for 15-20 minutes. the process will nourish and straighten the strands

rinse it off with some shampoo and conditioner to remove the smell of milk and let the hair dry

it will do miracles to your hair. if you have wavy hair, the milk mask will work like magic and straighten it..