Spicy Singaporean Garlic Rice Recipe


Spicy Singaporean Garlic Rice RecipeIngredients

Cooked rice, cooled 2 cups
Carrots, finely chopped 2 tbsp

Spring onions, chopped 2 tbsp
Eggs lightly beaten 2
Oil 1 tbsp
Butter 1 tsp
Fried crispy garlic chips 2 tbsp
Soya sauce 2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Black pepper ground a pinch

Heat the oil and butter in a wok and fry the chopped carrots for 1-2 minutes.
Add in the beaten egg, scramble until cooked.
Stir in rice and add salt and sugar to taste.
Combine in the fried chopped carrots.
Fry until all the Ingredients are well combined.
Add in the fried garlic crisps and add a dash of ground black pepper to taste.