Sonu Niigaam wants Nevaan to take it easy


Sonu Niigaam wants Nevaan to take it easyDaddy Sonu Niigaam has woken up to resist the over exposure of his li’l son Nevaan, whose version of Kolaveri di is a major hit online. Sonu admits he’d never thought his son would become so famous at the age of 4

Ever since Dhanush’s Why this kolaveri di song has been released, several other versions of the number also have hit the web, including one by Sonu Niigaam’s son, but the singer does not want to over-expose four-year-old Nevaan.

“He is too small, he is just four years old, so he couldn’t have done this for himself. As his father, I thought I should record his childhood thing. I want to protect him right now. He is too young to be over-exposed,” said the 38-year-old singer who himself began his singing career at the age of three, joining his father on stage for a Mohammad Rafi song. Sonu admits he never thought his son’s version would become such a rage. “We did it only for the posterity’s sake. We never thought that it will be such a big hit. I knew that if it is put on YouTube, it will have lots of hits, but didn’t know that it will become so big,” said Sonu at a press conference at the Aamby Valley’s annual New Year bash Glitterati 2012.

Sonu came to Mumbai at the age of 19 and after years of struggle, he hit the jackpot with Sandese aate hain in Border (1997). Two years later, his album Deewana became a superhit and later the song Yeh Dil Deewana from Pardes made him a name to reckon with. He went on to sing hits like Kal ho naa ho, Panchhi nadiyan, Suraj hua maddhham, Main hoon na, Saathiya, Main agar kahoon, Shukraan allah and Jashn-e-bahara. Sonu is currently working on an English album, Spirit Unfolding.

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