Sonam Kapoor will be back in sis Rhea’s second production


Sonam Kapoor will be back in sis Rhea s second productionThis time the script has been approved by dear daddy, Anil Kapoor. So, we are hoping it won’t be another disaster like Aisha!

Aisha producer Rhea Kapoor, who is usually happy styling her sister, may now have to appoint someone else for the job. ‘Coz our well-placed informant in B-town revealed to us that Anil Kapoor’s daughter and Sonam Kapoor’s younger sister is ready with her second production venture. It turns out to be a script that is highly recommended by her father, who is now an international actor. We don’t know if it’s going to be a chick flick again like her first film Aisha, but what we do know is that the film will star the producer’s older sibling Sonam in the central character. At the moment Rhea is in the planning stages and intends to begin shoot by mid next year. Now, this is definitely good news for the sisters. However, we hope they remember all the errors they made in Aisha and we won’t see a repeat performance. Maybe this time they will concentrate on the script and the content of the film than the look and feel. And hopefully no actor will have to swear off their tryst in mainstream cinema like Abhay Deol did post the debacle of Aisha. So this time ladies, keep it low on couture and high on content, other