Sonam Kapoor: No marriage for me, please!


Sonam Kapoor No marriage for me pleaseMove over Punit Malhotra, the gal only wants to act

Sonam Kapoor is one bindaas girl. The actor has no qualms speaking her mind, regardless of who she offends. Last weekend, she attended the Ghanta Awards (which honour the worst of Bollywood) and accepted her award stating that B-towners should have a sense of humour. Yesterday, she surprised her fans again.

During an online chat, Sonam was asked who from Bollywood needed some serious fashion tips. Since Sonam has an amazing fashion sense, it is not surprising that she had a ready reply. It was the reply itself that had us laughing out loud. “A lot of people.. but they all hire stylists now and look the same,” she said. Now that’s candid speak! Sonam’s dad Anil had revealed late last year that she had contemporaries who were jealous about her style, spoke negatively about her wearing designer outfits behind her back and yet imitated her style. This is certainly a fitting reply to that!

Sonam also revealed that unlike other female actors who are busy making wedding plans and designing baby rooms, she has no interest in getting married or in having children. Does that mean she is not dating Punit Malhotra? Another B-town relationship bites the dust. So sad.