Smart Cat Peek-and-play Toy Box


This kind of toys is mysterious, it consists of a wooden box which have many opens in the outer body, and from inside it contains some balls or even mice that your cat tries to catch by getting it’s hand inside.

Other type has also outer opening but in different shape, it has a stick fixed on a spring from inside with a mouse attached to the inner terminal, it keeps moving while your cat touches the feathers attached to the outer terminal to make the mouse move inside the box.

The Fling String Cat Toy:

It is One of the most amazing inventions for cats, just like the babble balls but with hyper-movement ability, and can be used for many cats at the same time.

It is an automatic roller machine fixed upwards to make the robe move in a crazy way that simply impress your cat and force it to begin hunting it.

It is usually fixed on a door or a doorway to allow the string to move freely and let your cat catch it from outside without any barring.