Best Skin Whitening Cream 9 Useful Tips


Skin Whitening Cream Useful 9 Tips (2)Having a white skin is every dark skinned woman’s dream. Having it makes women more confident and vibrant. It is for this reason that skin whitening cream products has become very popular. They can be purchase easily and cost very little.

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

The only problem is that with all these creams flooding the market, it is hard to tell the genuine ones from the fake ones. Another difficulty comes in when choosing a skin whitening cream that specifically addresses your skin pigmentation problem. With all the creams promising amazing results, most women find themselves purchasing them without thinking twice.


Most skin whitening cream applications contain harsh chemicals which can cause serious negative reactions to the body. Some substances used in these products may produce good results in only a few individuals and are easy to obtain and therefore it’s good to know what your skin really needs.

9 Skin Whitening Cream Useful Tips

If you want to achieve significant results when using skin whitening cream, there are other things you must enforce to facilitate this. The following are useful tips that can help you keep your skin healthy and glowing during this period.

1. Make sure that you apply a sun screen at all times and if possible stay away from the sun. This will reduce discoloration when using skin whitening cream.

2. Make sure that you moisturize and cleanse your face at all times if you want to attain healthy looking skin.

3. Before you opt for skin whitening cream, consult a beauty specialist who will nullify the use of any other treatments first.

4. Always look at the label of the cream for the ingredients. Make sure you equip yourself with knowledge on good ingredients and bad ones to help you pick the best. Avoid creams with ingredients such as mercury, hydroquinone and any steroids.

5. To avoid negative skin reactions, its best if you use natural products. Though they will take long to act, you can be assured that you will achieve desirable complexion with no side effects. Natural skin whitening cream products are very friendly and will not cause any damage in case you decide to discontinue their use.

6. Maintain a good diet if you want to attain a brighter flawless skin. You should include a lot of fiber, fruits and vegetables in your diet. These foods have therapeutic properties which will facilitate healing of pigmentation disorders as well as flash all harmful toxins from the body.

7. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to help keep your body hydrated and also to maintain healthy skin appearance.

8. Ensure that you get enough sleep and rest. Do not over work yourself or allow stress to consume your energy. This will help you keep your active skin cells working properly.

9. Finally there are natural skin whitening cream products out there such as sandalwood or lemon juice that can aid reduction of pigmentation on your skin.


If you adopt the above tips well, you will definitely achieve fairer and brighter skin complexion without problems. In addition, your skin will receive a better skin tone and texture giving you the glow that you have always desired

My Personal Experience on Skin Whitening Creams

In a bid to lighten the dark spots on my face I have tried Meladerm, Revitol and Dermology.

If you want instant results Meladerm is the answer. Revitol is definitely the most cost effective skin lightening cream but results can be seen after about 4 weeks. And Dermolgy could be your next choice.

Meladerm is very effective in removing the skin discoloration and dark spots in just about a couple of weeks. If Meladerm is combined with exfoliating agents it shows result in 2 weeks.

However, you will need to dedicate time and patience to the process of diminishing the spots. And the results might vary a bit according to the skin physiology of the individual and specific conditions.