Shilpa Shetty geared up to get back in shape so fast?


Shilpa Shetty geared up to get back in shape so fastThe new mommy bandwagon of B-town is in news for their post pregnancy flab and almost every one of them is panting and puffing to shed those extra kgs off them.

The pioneer is Shilpa Shetty Kundra, who has recently given birth to baby K and gained 19 kgs in total after pregnancy. 19 kgs sounds horrible right? But when it’s curvaceous Shilpa Shetty, no one needs to worry about her being back in shape as the new mommy is already on the way to become yummy mommy.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra has always been a fitness freak and has mesmerized everyone with her bootylicious body. So don’t get shocked to see mumma Shetty running and sweating hard on treadmills. As heard the actress is on the go to get back in shape again and to many surprises, she has already shed 9 kgs out of 19 of that post pregnancy bellied fat. But why so much hurry is the question. What is making her lose weight so fast? If you are thinking that its papa Kundra then reverse your statements as Shilpa is getting all geared up to be back in shape again for her next upcoming promotional video of Super Fight League.

While relishing motherhood Shilpa could have refused to make a move for getting back to the screen but she can’t as the promotional video is for Sanjay Dutt who is very close friend of Raj Kundra.

So now we understand that why so much hurry mumma Shetty. We nevertheless are waiting for your comeback on screen.