Shania Twain Will Testify Against Her Stalker


shania-twainAlthough she is being compassionate and trying to be understanding the country star Shania Twain testified Friday that she has compassion for a man accused of stalking her but remains concerned that he will continue to do just that. Giovanni has been charged with three counts of failure to comply with a court order and criminal harassment. He pleaded guilty Friday to the charges after pleading not guilty earlier this week.
The former Ottawa doctor sent Twain a series of letters, made unwanted visits to her family cottage in Ontario and even attended her grandmother’s funeral before he was finally arrested at a Canadian awards ceremony earlier this year. A lawyer said Friday during Twain’s cross examination that Palumbo simply didn’t realize that Shania twain wasn’t interested.
But Twain , appearing via video link from an undisclosed area didn’t see it that way. She claimed she did still have a fear of the man and wanted it to be stopped. For the second day in a row the process seemed to become to much for Palumbo.
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