Shahrukh Khan denies punching Shirish Kunder, Shirish denies Sanjay’s slap


Shahrukh Khan denies punching Shirish Kunder Shirish denies Sanjays slapSo what happened? Did they or did they not fight? Did Shirish misbehave with a lady? We bring you all the buzz…

Shirish Kunder set Twitter abuzz when he alleged that Shahrukh Khan assaulted him at Sanjay Dutt’s party on Sunday (January 29) night. While jokes about him deserving it for making a movie like Tees Maar Khan did the rounds, there were also others casting doubts about whether it did happen. Especially since Shahrukh has been down with a cold and fever for the past few days. He had tweeted on Sunday, “Damn cold & fever winning the battle,slowly taking over my robust pathan constitution. Cigarette tasting bad in mouth now…this is serious!” Those who were hoping that Shahrukh would clarify on the public platform were disappointed when he chose to keep quiet on the issue and preferred to tweet about his night shoot instead. However, he did tell a daily that Shirish’s version is quite far away from what actually happened.

According to Shahrukh, it was Shirish who kept following him around. He asked Shirish three times to leave him alone, but Shirish refused to do so. When SRK decided to leave the venue, Shirish blocked his way. Fed up, Shahrukh pushed him aside. SRK says the matter ended there, but as you all know, Shirish has a completely different version. He claims SRK beat him up so badly that his face swelled up and that SRK also made some slurs against Salman Khan while the punches were being landed. While we don’t know if that is true, we did hear something else: Salman, who is shooting in Cuba, heard about the incident and called up Shirish to check on his well-being. Shirish and Salman have been good friends, with the actor even doing a special appearance in Tees Maar Khan. On the other hand, the animosity between Salman and Shahrukh just seems to have increased and those hoping for a Karan Arjun-like reconciliation will have to forget about it.

The story doesn’t end here. We heard that Shahrukh is apparently not the only one who roughed up Shirish. An inebriated Shirish allegedly got too close to Maanayata for her comfort, which led Sanjay to slap him hard. However, Shirish has denied that Sanjay touched him. Which is really strange, considering that he is so eager to narrate his tale of woe at Shahrukh’s hands. Unless, of course, you consider the fact that Sanjay is a good friend of Salman’s and Shirish doesn’t want to invoke Salman’s ire. Possible, don’t you think?

Another rumour being whispered was that Shirish also got quite friendly with another young lady at the party, much to her discomfort. That lady we now hear was Inder Kumar’s daughter. The director confirmed to a daily that the incident did occur, but that the adroit damsel handled the situation on her own.

Of course, only those involved in the incident know what actually happened, but right now it seems as if Shahrukh is in the right – both Ameesha Patel and Dabboo Ratnani have tweeted that they are on SRK’s side, designer Farah Khan Ali has opted to remain neutral, and Shirish’s friends are yet to choose sides. What we want to know is, was the incident a haphazard publicity stunt for Joker? We won’t be surprised if it was, will you?