Shahrukh Khan has two conditions to saying ‘yes’ to a film


Shahrukh Khan has two conditions to saying ‘yes’ to a filmAnd the clauses are irrevocable!

Apart from the proverbial creative differences with the director, disapproval of the film’s script and unavailability of dates, there are two more reasons why superstar Shahrukh Khan will turn down a film.

Our feathered friend unearthed a bit of juicy goss about the Jab Tak Hai Jaan actor. He discovered that the contract that SRK has the production companies sign before he says ‘yes’ to their film has two small but pertinent conditions mentioned at the bottom of the legal jargon. And if the filmmakers don’t abide by those two unbreakable rules, the superstar won’t be a part of the project.

One – Shahrukh will NOT kiss his heroine onscreen. Does that mean he’s willing to lock lips with the pretty young things off screen? He he he…we are just being plain wicked! We are sure y’all will agree that SRK has never kissed a woman onscreen, not on the lips at least. But he shared a quick lip-lock with a man. That one never made it to the big screen, but the photographs are in the virtual world for everyone to see. SRK’s screen kiss with his firangi neighbour in My Name Is Khan, remember?

Two – SRK will NOT ride a horse! Now that’s a very strange condition, isn’t it? But we are sure it’s an imperative to keep the superstar’s bad back and many broken bones from further damage.

We are sure there’s nothing earth-shattering about the two clauses and filmmakers wouldn’t mind abiding by them. Right, na?