Shahrukh Khan celebrates KKR’s entry in IPL finals with a cartwheel!


Shahrukh Khan celebrates KKRs entry in IPL finals with a cartwheel!The King Khan really believes in living life king size. So could the Kolkata Knight Rider’s victory be celebrated just with boring hugs? Nah!

Shahrukh Khan went through a rough patch recently when he earned summons from the Jaipur Court and got banned from Wankhede for five years. But one look at the photos and you’ll know that SRK has left all those sour memories behind.

When Shahrukh’s IPL team the Kolkata Knight Riders won the match against the Delhi Daredevils on May 22, 2012 by 18 runs, he just couldn’t contain himself. And do you know what he did? He began with hugging all the players of KKR and followed it with…hold your breaths…a joyous cartwheel! Ahem, ahem. That did make us wonder about the plight of his ailing back. But it was after five long and laborious years that Shahrukh’s team had finally made it to the finals. So, ek cartwheel toh banta hai. Right, Mr Khan?

When we look at the images of King Khan celebrating his team’s victory we can’t help but smile. Finally all the effort he has put in seem to be paying off. And remember what we said about a big Bollywood bash in the waiting? After seeing these images, wethinks that if (a big IF, that is) KKR wins the final, then the Baadshah will surely throw a party that will be the talk of B-town for a considerable time. Don’t you think so too, Bollywoodlifers?