Shahrukh Khan banned for life from Wankhede Stadium


Shahrukh Khan banned for life from Wankhede StadiumFinally, Salman Khan has an unlikely company in abusing and creating a ruckus when drunk. He might not like him but he seemed to have inspired this man a lot. We are talking about Shahrukh Khan who recently earned himself a ban from attending any matches in Wankhede Stadium (Mumbai) after he apparently got into a drunken brawl recently during the Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians match.

Maharashtra Cricket Association’s Ravi Savant told reporters that Shahrukh ill-treated and abused the association appointed security people and also MCA officials. He didn’t even spare their president Vilasrao Deshmukh post the match was over. Hence, the board has decided to bar him from entering the stadium ever in his life.
When asked what actually transpired at the match, Savant said that after KKR lost the match to MI, SRK and his bodyguards went to the team’s dressing room. They returned and started entering the ground. A security guard of MCA requested them not to do so as the match is over and they are not allowed to enter the ground. This triggered SRK to cuss the guards and officials who came out to sort the matter. They even manhandled a few people. So, he will be barred from entering the stadium ever again. They will also file a complaint with the Police and BCCI. Well, it seems Shahrukh is in for some fresh trouble. You see it is not always possible to keep your sportsmanship spirit intact!