Is Shahrukh Khan the new bad man of Bollywood


Is Shahrukh Khan the new bad man of BollywoodOf late, more than his films, the Don 2 actor has been in the limelight for his brawls

While Aamir Khan is busy trying to be of help to the nation with his show Satyamev Jayate, his power-drunk peer is going around ruining his image by getting into brawls every now and then. Shahrukh Khan, in his own words, is a ‘demented Pathan’ and his irresponsible behavior, most recently at the IPL match in Mumbai, has again shown him in a bad light. His reported brawl with Shirish Kunder has already caused damage to his reputation, but he smartly covered that up by burying the hatchet a day later. We wonder how he will save face this time. We are really disappointed in Shahrukh and so are many of his fans. And they have been tweeting their chagrin…

#Srk is banned from wankhede for lifetime… Now he going to build a stadium inside Mannat…Bigger than Wankhede! Yes.

#SRK sure knows whom to pick upon – ShirishKunder, poor security guards. Why don’t you pick on someone your size and status dear SRK?

Farah’s husband. Now Security guards, Shah Rukhji, Dillibahut miss karrahe ho? #Srk #Wankhede

Now Shah Rukh Khan will just fly in into the Wankhede stadium in his G.One suit #SRK

In his drunken haze, #SRK probably mistook the security person for Yusuf Pathan.

RaOne tries his stunts at Wankhede stadium. #SRK

Paro ne kaha ‘Peena’ choddo.MCA ne kaha ‘Stadium’ Choddo.Sabnekaha PC kochod do. Burriaadateinchudvanamushkil hi nahinamumkinhai #Srk

#SRK: Let me go inside the stadium. | Security: why? | SRK: I own a team! | Security: which team? | SRK: Kkkkkkkkk.. | Security: #GetLostPls

I never did, but now I cheer for #SRK. You can get a man out of #Delhi but never #Delhi out of a man!

#SRK was celebrating 2million hits of Ektha tiger teaser just in a wild way !! #wankhede #mca

Drunken brawl, abuses and controversy? It seems #SRK is now becoming a Salman Fan!!!

How will #SRK retaliate to MCA :”Main bhiek din ek stadium banaunga – KHAN-khade!”

#MCA – You Are Banned #SRK- Iam Khan and iam not a terrorist #NoEntry