Shahrukh Khan aspires to be James Bond

Shahrukh Khan aspires to be James BondShahrukh Khan has played a lot of characters in his more than two decades long career. He has been an anti-hero, obsessed lover, righteous lover, a detective and recently, a dreaded Don. But in spite of essaying so many characters, one of Shahrukh’s long term wish is still unfulfilled. He is yet to get a role similar to secret agent James Bond and he blames it on his lack of knowledge of guns and women.
Shahrukh Khan
On International James Bond Day, Shahrukh took to Twitter to show is admiration for Bond. He wrote that he is the biggest aficionado of James Bond. He has always wished to get a role which is similar to the sleuth but people told him he isn’t that good with guns or women for that matter. Quoting a Bond line from Thunderball (1965 film), Shahrukh wrote that the dialogues “JB: That gun, it looks more for a woman. You know much about guns, Mr. Bond? JB: No, but I know a little about women” is his favourite.
Well, this makes me a little edgy because the last time someone wanted to be the desi James Bond, the outcome was Agent Vinod and given the way Ra.One was made, I am sceptical about what Shahrukh Khan would do with a desi version of JB’s character. Also, it was really funny to read about him not good with women. This man, who is more than 40 years old, can still weave a magic over his female fan following. So whoever told you that Shahrukh, is either jealous or just kidding. What say people?