Settle Accident Claims


Do you already have car insurance? If you’re answer is yes, good for you then. But should you encounter any road accident, do you have an idea how to process your claim? If not, here are some pointers for you to take note of:

When making an accident claim, the first thing you have to consider is whether you are being charged for the service and whether you will receive 100% compensation, with no deductions for costs etc. There are several companies that advertise ‘no win no fee’ but this does not mean you get their service for free so be careful.

If your vehicle is damaged, you’ll certainly need an accident management that will arrange to get your damaged vehicle picked up (if necessary), take it for repairs, and give you a similar or better replacement to use while this is happening.

Lastly, be cautious with companies that provide compensation awards for an accident claim. Some companies advertise that they can get you so much for a particular injury when they in fact cannot. Do not be deluded by exaggerated compensation claims values. It is better to stick to accident management companies who are experts in this area.