Scientology Auditioning Girlfriends For Tom Cruise?


Scientology Auditioning Girlfriends For Tom CruiseLong before Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes began dating, it was rumored that the head honchos over at Scientology were auditioning girlfriends for the actor. Are we really surprised by this? Not exactly, considering how much he allows his cult-like religion to run his life.

According to a report in “Vanity Fair”, Tom’s ex-girlfriend Nazanin Boniadi dated him at the end of 2004. Prior to that, the model had to undergo a month-long screening process by David Miscavige’s wife. Nazanin had to go through daily auditing, revealing intimate details of her sex life. In addition, she was also advised that she had to dump her boyfriend in order to get the chance to date Tom.

She turned to friends when Tom dumped her, and as a result, was punished for breaking confidentiality agreements within the controversial religion. As a punishment, she was forced to clean toilets with a toothbrush and dig ditches in the middle of the night.

Sources within the church have denied the reports in the article, insisting that Nazanin was not evaluated for a relationship with Tom. In addition, they claim that their followers are not punished with bathroom scrubbing duties or otherwise.