Was scared I’d trip in a sari Halle Berry


Was scared I'd trip in a sari Halle BerryOscar winner Halle Berry is ready to wow us with her acting skills in the upcoming science fiction and adventure drama ‘Cloud Atlas’. A glimpse of Berry in a sari in the trailer has already made us curious and when in.com spoke to the actress about her experience, she revealed that carrying off the whole six yards wasn’t exactly a cakewalk! Excerpts from the interview:

 How challenging was it to portray six different roles for ‘Cloud Atlas’?
I am playing multiple characters in the film which I haven’t done before. In one story, I play the role of a Spanish woman and in the other, of a German. Each role connects to the other. It’s one of the most interesting concepts I’ve heard and worked on. Cloud Atlas is a film that came with many challenges

How was it like working with Tom Hanks?
Working with Tom Hanks was a learning experience for me. He is such a wonderful actor. Every actor has something to learn from their co-stars

Had you heard of the novel before you signed the film?
Of course. David Mitchell’s novel is an award winning best-seller. I was very excited when I was approached for the adaptation of the novel.

You wore a sari for Cloud Atlas. How difficult was it to carry off the outfit?
Initially, I found it a little difficult to walk. I was scared I would trip. But luckily, that didn’t happen.

How difficult was it to work with three different directors for the same movie?
It was amazing. When I signed the film, people were a little skeptical about my decision as the film has three directors. But they have done such a magnificent job and you’ll agree when you see the film.

How familiar are you with Bollywood and its actors? Would you ever consider starring in a Bollywood movie?
Unfortunately, I haven’t got a chance to catch any Indian films. But I have heard that Indian films have produced great actors. And if everything goes well and I’m approached, I’d surely do a cameo in a Bollywood film.