How To Save Child From Electrical Accidents?


    How To Save Child From Electrical AccidentsSmall kids are prone to accidents. Majorly when the toddler starts to crawl and gradually walk, it becomes very much impossible to leave the kid alone even for a second. Such kids are much vulnerable to get in problem through falling and hurting themselves, by eating something harmful or small things, and putting their small fingers in small gaps. At this time the very common harmful incident happens and that is electricity shock. Children frequently put their fingers in plug and electric sockets. As the electricity immediately affects our human body, hence being in contact with live power source can prove deadly. It might also obstruct the electrical system of kid’s heart that is yet not entirely developed. Terrible, though it might look to see your kid stuck to live power wire, yet you have to be very quick and collect your intelligence to protect your kid.

    The first thing that one has to do is to attempt to separate your baby from that electrical source. To do this you should quickly switch off the major electricity supply switch. Even though it seem difficult, still never touch your kid when he is stuck to the live power wire or else you will also suffer from the same shock and may not be capable to help out him. Very firstly take wooden stick in your hands or any other no-conductor of electricity. Be sure that the stick that you have is not wet. Utilizing a blanket pull out your baby. The kid may be in shock therefore don’t get panicked, as seeing your kid in shock might scare you. Once you have separated your kid quickly check your kid’s breathing. In case it is slow then quickly perform CPR on him and then after take him to doctor. When you will take your kid to hospital, make sure that his head is in lower position as compare to his rest of the body. Cover your kid entirely in blanket to calm him. Try to confirm that your movements are not bouncy as this might harm the baby. Check is there any signs of burns. Don’t try to implement any self-medication. Do quick calling to emergency services without wasting even a single moment. To avoid this it is suggested that you switch off all your plugs so that such type accident will be prevented.