Salt and Honey Face and Body Scrub Skin Care


Salt and Honey Face and Body Scrub Skin CareSeeing as those Wintery months are upon us in Australia, Dry skin is also a factor!
This is a delicious, fail safe method to getting rid of that dry skin, creating beautiful, soft skin!

You will need:

Table Salt (fine)
Manuka Honey
1x plastic bowl
1x spoon
1x shower

How to make your scrub:
Remove all rings, as this scrub is abrasive and could scratch your jewels.
Get the plastic container (don’t use one that can smash in the bathroom).
Put 3x teaspoon fulls of sugar in the container.
Put about 3/4 to 1 full cup of table salt in the container (use more for a coarser scrub)
Add about 5 tablespoons of honey to the salt/sugar mix.
Add 1-2 tablespoons of Manuka Honey to the mixture (use no less than +5 quality. the higher the + the better for you!).
Mix all the ingredients together to form a paste.
put the container in the shower area (so you can reach it when you’re in the shower).

Applying the scrub:
After you get in the shower and have damp skin, take enough scrub into your hand to fill 1/2 a fist.
Rub it between two hands, briefly, to warm the mixture up.
Apply to body (probably best to avoid the delicate bits).
Wash off!

You will probably find that the granules of salt and sugar will disappearĀ  the warmer and wetter you are, as you rub it into your skin. this is normal.
Don’t worry about getting it in your mouth, as you would probably eat these ingredients anyway.

Make sure you don’t leave any on the floor of the shower as it can get slippery.

The scrub is gentle enough to use on your face too.