Salman Khan reveals his marriage plans


Salman Khan Salman Khan reveals his marriage plansBollywood actor Salman Khan is all set to shed his ‘most eligible bachelor’ tag after he revealed his future plans. If you are thinking about his future plans in terms of his filmy career, you are wrong. Our very own Sallu miyaan might surprise all his fans by getting married shortly.

Apparently, Salman Khan has confessed that it gets awfully lonely at this age and he is considering marriage finally. The prolonged illness and the neuro-surgery have also made him concerned. So Sallu bhai, who nowadays is fed up with his ‘bhaiyya’ tag as well is realising the worth and necessity of marriage.

So, it seems Salman finally wants to settle down and he has marriage on his mind. Let’s hope 2012 turns lucky for him! But Sallu, you at least need a girl to get married and according to your self-proclaimed current relationship status you are single. So how’s marriage possible