Salman Khan make Preity Zinta feel insecure


Salman Khan make Preity Zinta feel insecureThe Ishkq in Paris babe recently confessed that Salman gave her a huge complex while the two were shooting for a song for IIP

Preity Zinta may not be an amazing dancer, but she surely loves to groove. The evidence being the recently released party number in IIP, in which she’s shaking her booty like no one’s watching. But while the effervescent babe usually takes great pride in her uninhibited dance moves, it seems all her confidence went for a toss while she was shooting for Kudiye di kurti  in Ishkq in Paris. Apparently the day Zinta and Khan were supposed to rehearse for the song, the Ek Tha Tiger walked into the sets, asked the choreographer to show him the dance steps and gave his final performance in just a couple of takes. Zinta, on the other hand, struggled to pick up the moves and managed to get it right only after a lot of practice.

Now we all know that Sallu bhai is known for modifying dance steps as per his convenience. He’s not the sort who would go through the rigorous process of learning complicated dance moves. So while Zinta is still wondering how Mr Khan has outdone her in dancing, we suggest she simply take a chill-pill, ‘coz we all know how Khan operates…when it comes to doing his steps, of course!