Will Salman Khan play conjoined twins in Vikas Bahl’s film?


Will Salman Khan play conjoined twins in Vikas Bahl s filmThe Chillar Party filmmaker wants to cast the Bodyguard superstar in the script he is writing that is inspired from Hollywood’s Stuck On You

Filmmaker Vikas Bahl and his co-writer Sanjay Chhel aren’t exactly planning a rip-off of the Hollywood flick Stuck On You. But they were so moved by the 2003-release that they felt like coming up with their version on the life of Siamese twins. The script won’t be a dull and depressing tale, but a fun and edgy account of two brothers who are physically bonded. Currently, the duo is working on the screenplay but if it shapes up as desired, Bahl would like to approach the Being Human founder, Salman Khan. The filmmaker and superstar’s association began with Chillar Party. Bahl, in his pursuit to get the right people (read powerful) on board his first film, showed its rough cut to the Dabangg dude. Salman liked the film very much and immediately decided to lend his support by getting involved in its marketing and promotions. By the way, Chillar Party also kicked off Salman’s career as a producer.

Given the star and filmmaker’s relationship and the sensitivity of the subject, there are chances that the actor-humanitarian may agree to do it. But will he play a double role or like Stuck On You, have another actor play the other conjoined twin. Guess we’ll have to wait on that one till the script is done.