Sajid Khan Gauri Khan Ties me a Rakhi


Sajid Khan Gauri Khan ties me a rakhiEven as the news of Shahrukh Khan doing Farah Khan’s next film is doing the rounds, Sajid talks about his relationship with the King Khan and his wife

Buzz is that Shahrukh Khan is steadily losing his friends and supporters in the industry, including Arjun Rampal and Karan Johar. Amidst all this though he seems to have at least won back one of his close friends – Farah Khan.

Even though the news about Shahrukh doing Farah’s next film is proof enough that all is finally well between the two, speculations about how their relationship is just a matter of convenience and public image, and the patch-up being just a façade haven’t subsided. Sajid Khan, who played a key role in bringing together the two estranged friend, is busy defending the whole incident. “Shahrukh did Farah’s kanyadaan yaar, how can their friendship be fake?” Sajid said in a recent interview.

While we all know about how close Shahrukh and Farah were, what many didn’t know was that Sajid is SRK’s wife Gauri’s rakhi brother. “We all are like one family. Gauri ties me rakhi, and calls me brother,” he said.

Sajid rubbished all the reports about how things are not hunky dory yet and said, “All these years, I’ve been saying that SRK and Farah`s fight is very stupid and they’ll come back, and now they have. All those reports that were printed were baseless.”

Looks like, apart from promoting his film Housefull 2, Sajid is also busy publicizing how close he is to SRK and his family now. Well, if it works create some more buzz about his forthcoming venture, why not?