Rice Water for Fast Hair Growth


Rice Water for Fast Hair Growth

The benefits of rice water are not something new you should know. In fact, the Japanese have been using it to make their hair healthier since 800 AD. As per Japanese history, the women from their imperial court used ‘Yu-Su-Ru’, the water retained after rinsing rice for washing their hair. This water was used to make their hair beautifully shiny and long such that many women had hair that would sweep the floors as they walked!

Till date, the Yao minority from Huangluo village in Southern China, have wonderfully long and black hair till they reach 80 years of age. For them, their long hair doesn’t just denote beauty, but is also a symbol of good health, fortune and longevity. The average length of hair in this village is six feet. In fact, the name of this village also appears in the Guinness Book of World records for having inhabitants with the longest hair.