Ra.One Bashers Need To SHUT UP


Why Ra.One Bashers Need To SHUT UP

We have seen that most of the Indian critics ripped Ra. One apart with their sharp claws. But, did that affect the movie at the box office? No, not really, in fact, it is busy breaking records one after another. One thing which made us wonder that, these critics have compared this movie to the superior super hero flicks like The Dark Knight, Iron Man etc. As we all know, Hollywood also started with bizzare story lines and sloppy graphics before the super hero bug hit them in a serious way. They have shown tremendous improvement in the content and style only after a while, as it happens with any movement. Then why didn’t the Indian critics consider the mammoth efforts made by Shahrukh Khan and his team for several months? They have done practically everything to come up with something which could even match the Hollywood standards. Why was this never appreciated by the critics? Agreed, Ra. One is unabashedly desi and silly at times, and also the story line is definitely faulty. Moreover, there are attempts to play to the gallery. But then again, that’s what sets our movies apart from Hollywood movies, right?

The most shocking thing was that, western critics have praised the movie when Indian critics were busy comparing it with the heights acheived by other superior Hollywood super hero flick! So, we are glad to share a different take on the movie by an Indian critic, which we came across in that the reviewer feels it’s quite childish to write Ra. One off. We present you the same review as it is.

Do you think the criticism went little too far? bit unfair? Or do you think it deserved the criticism? Read this review and record your opinion below.