Rani Mukerji Will cook idlis for love!


Rani Mukerji Will cook idlis for love!Rani Mukerji’s dialogues from the film Aiyyaa made easy

In the trailer of her latest film Aiyyaa, we see Rani Mukerji mouth some of the cheesiest dialogues in her career. In the madcap comedy Rani is seen as a melodramatic young lady waiting to get married. As her parents look for a groom for her, she regales us with all sorts of dramatics onscreen. Here we have translated a few of her maddest dialogues from the film. And yeah, go ahead, give us any more that you liked listening to. And we will make sure they don’t get lost in translation!

 Aga bai, kya chehra hai! Kya aankein hai… kya hasi hai!

Oh woman, what a face is! What eyes I have… what a smile I have!

Aiyya!… ishhh!… aga bai!

Oh! (blushes)… gosh! .. oh woman!

Yeh kaise kehna hai? Tum mujhe pyar do… main tumhe idli doongi

This how to say? You Me love give… and I will you idli give!

Mujhe gore log nahi… muhje kale log pasand hai!

I don’t like fair skinned people… I like dark skinned people!